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  1. This area is called Death Valley for a reason. One year my husband and I decided to drive through it on our summer vacation. We ran out of gas… Yes, we survived, but just barely.


    • Our first baby was only 6 months old, so we had plenty of water and his food at least. Actually it was the heat that nearly did us in. My husband got out of the car and walked to what looked like a small settlement on the horizon. I stayed in the car with the baby and kept wet cloths over him to keep him cool. The “camp” was an abandoned work site for some company, so my husband continued to walk on. I will not call it luck, but a truck came by just about that time and picked up my husband to carry him to a distant gas station. They also brought him back to the car. I know it was the Lord who sent that trucker on such a long mission.


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