Photos We Loved: From Every Angle

I am honored to be included in “Photos We Loved: From Every Angle”. Thank you, WordPress!

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Recently, guest photo challenge host Shane Francescut asked us to photograph a subject from several different angles and share the results. Here’s a sample of the images we loved in response to “From Every Angle.”

Katharine Asals takes a comprehensive approach in “Angles on an August Lake” at Follow Your Nose. Not only did she take photos above the water and at water level, she also takes us below the lake for full effect. I quite like the unassuming gaze of this particular lake denizen. Check out her full photo study.

From an August Lake Photo by Katharine Asals. All rights reserved.

Moving from water to land, we loved Doublewhirler‘s portraits of Max the Percheron. Each image conveys the immensity and strength of this beautiful horse without showing his entirety in the frame.

This week’s photo challenge of capturing a subject “from every angle” was perfect: it was all…

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