Weekly Photo Challege: Wish

I wish I hadn’t dropped my Iphone 6 so many times.  The screen is cracked in multiple places, being held together by the hard plastic screen protector I bought along with the phone when the 6 was released in 2014.  It was actually doing pretty well considering the fact that it’s been dropped from Malibu to Massachusettes, Kansas to Death Valley, in the San Joaquin Valley, Carmel and the Sierra Nevada, the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Nebraska and Vermont.  It’s been dropped on big city streets and in sand dunes, in mud and on airplanes and passenger trains.  It falls out of my uniform chambray shirt pocket when I lean over to pick stuff up or when I’m loading laundry, pulling weeds or getting out of the car at rest stops in the desert.   It has over 8,000 photographs on it (I don’t delete… those are life experiences we’re talking about).  I even took a picture of J.D. Salinger’s house in Cornish, New Hampshire with that phone (Yes, I found J.D. Salinger’s house).

When I bought this Iphone two and half years ago I wrapped it up in a thick, rubberized case that bounces, so it could have died a horrible death long ago except for that case.  It bounced off of lava rocks, concrete and asphalt, marble and tile, salt flats and hard, baked dirt.  It was a great case.  I wish I’d never taken it off and put this battery booster one on two months ago, because now my Iphone is destroyed, especially when it once again fell out of my chambray shirt pocket at The Living Desert in Palm Springs last weekend.  A woman who saw it fall out watched as the corner shattered.  She gasped in horror and screamed, “Oh, no…!!!  Oh, that’s too baaaad.”.  Her companion gasped as well, as if they had just witnessed someone being hit by a car.  Since I had to keep that now-shattered phone going for the next week all through Arizona I made a great big wish that it could stay alive until I got home to replace it with an Iphone 7, which I’m not thrilled about with the whole headphone jack situation.

What I decided to do when I returned home yesterday was take off that flimsy battery boosting case and put the bouncy, rubberized case back on again.  I’m going to wait on buying myself that new Iphone 7 and I’ll keep using this shattered one.  I like it.  I’m very fond of it.  It’s been with me through good and bad times, it lays on my side table when I sleep, rides next to me in my car and sits inside my chambray shirt pocket.  It’s my way to make sure my sons are alive and well.   It’s my mail, my weather, my entertainment and my image-maker.  It’s been a good friend to me.  I like to think of it as my sidekick.

Instead I’m going to make a BIG WISH, until I’m ready to let go of this particular phone.  What’s that wish?

My wish is that Apple would finally design an Iphone that doesn’t break.

Flagstaff, Arizona





19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challege: Wish

  1. Wow! I feel darn good with only one crack across the screen! My case bounces too…my downfall is getting out of the rig and forgetting its on my lap or on the seat…out it flies. Best wishes…fun piece.

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    • Really, it’s only the protective plastic screen cover that’s been cracked. Until I switched out the case before the Rose Parade in January. I needed the extra battery power for 14 hours of photography! It’s been since then that every single time it drops it cracks. Now it’s just shattered. I can’t tell you how often that phone falls. Every. Single. Day.

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  3. I smashed my Samsung several times…. Finally, I gave in and bought the Samsung Galaxy S7

    I did think of buying the Pixel phone from Google, but I also think that these new phones from Apple and Google are too expensive

    They gave me money for my old phone, and a had a cashback offer…. Now, I need to connect it to my selfie stick!

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    • I was staying in Kingman, Arizona overnight and the train tracks run directly behind the Best Western, which to most people would be annoying, but for me it was really exciting. I got up at 6am, walked around Kingman shooting images and when I heard a train coming, I ran over to shoot it, which it GREAT FUN. I had the idea that I’d shoot the train with two hands, one with my Iphone and the other my Nikon when I noticed the smashed screen. I thought it was funny, so I deliberately posed the phone in front of the engine as it roared by, as if the engine were smashing the phone, knowing it would be the perfect “wish” for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

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