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    • It was a pack scramble. The best way to describe it is from the Bishop Mule Days Facebook page: “The Pack Scramble – A signature event here at Bishop Mule Days Celebration.
      Here’s how it works: Mule pack strings enter the arena, and are unloaded and untethered. Rodeo cowboys then stampede the herd scrambling the mules. Each team must wrangle its own mules out of a herd in the arena, pack them correctly, and race around to the finish line. Teams of professional back-country packers compete against each other for bragging rights.The winning team is the one that is first to reassemble and reload its pack string, and lead it out of the arena. ”

      The Pack Scramble is pretty wild!

      • that must take speed and skill, and must be very exciting to watch. thank you for the explanation, I am really enjoying your photos of this event.

      • Thank you! It is really, really fun. I have great admiration for the people who ride, rope, pack and show horses and mules. They are athletes and are extraordinary.

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