Father Andrew Fabian – A Legend

I got the phone call the morning that he died.  His passing has affected me to the point where I have tried several times for over a week to write a story about Father Andy, but I can’t.  I can’t do it.  It’s almost as if he was too special a person and I am unable to put it into words.  He was laid to rest this past Saturday.

Father Andrew Fabian was extraordinary.  He taught philosophy at Saint Mary’s University for nearly fifty years.  He was brilliant, determined – he was fierce.  When I visited him on his own turf in Winona, Minnesota, I got to experience up close and personal what an amazing man he was.  He was completely devoted to his faith and his students.  He was hard core.  Invincible.

He saved each and every card and photo given to him over decades and those cards and photos lined the walls of the rooms in his office at Saint Mary’s.  I’ll never forget the moment I saw all of those cards and photos that went nearly floor to ceiling.  He even stuck them onto doors.  He was loved by many.  He inspired me and will continue to do so, quietly.  He was a legend.

Rest in peace, Father Andy.  Thank you for all of the handwritten notes and cards you sent for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries.  Thank you for the random phone calls checking in to make sure everyone was fine and doing well.  We always knew you cared.  When my time comes to leave this world, I’ll look you up and we will have a manhattan together and continue that discussion about existentialism.

Rev. Cyril Andrew Fabian, OP, AFSC

November 27, 1926 – July 14, 2017





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  1. Losing someone who played such an important part in your life is heart-breaking. There is always such angst, but it is part of mortality, but the lovely memories of your times will always be there for you, you reflect more now he has passed on, in your grief, you have the memories and it makes you reminisce over your relationship and have a deeper thankfulness of your connection during your lives… My dearest friend recently died unexpectedly and I have spent a few months going through a lot of emotions.. What you had can’t be brought back, so focus memories on the love and joy you had together…

    • He was the most humble and yet extraordinary people I’ve ever known. That’s why I have had such a hard time writing about him. He wouldn’t want it…he wouldn’t want the attention. It was never about him. It was about his work, his students. He was exceptional because of that.

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