Ageless Eyes

Ageless Eyes

Her Ageless eyes run deep; so intense and brown.  With never ending lashes that are worthy of a crown.

Her hair is salt and peppered, signs of many a long day.  Her perseverance shines; work is her true play.

She moves along life’s trail, graceful to a tee.  Not stumbling over steps, no matter what the shoe may be.

She walks in many circles, but the trail is her home.  Freedom of the heart gives her a choice to roam.

Ageless eyes return her to a place where she feels sound.
Infinite, natural spaces, feeling free from any bound.

Rural open Earth, where she can  pick her steps and be. Places without clutter, where her Ageless eyes can see.


Ageless Eyes
By Liz Hughey
(C) The Cowgirl Poet

Author of the children’s book, Barney the Lopsided Mule
Illustrated by Bonnie Shields
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