My friend, Shelley, picking up deflated mylar balloons that drifted into the Mojave Desert from elsewhere, so they can be properly disposed of.

Balloons are an environmental issue, mylar in particular.  Mylar doesn’t biodegrade.  It isn’t metal.  It’s plastic and it poses a multitude of problems.  Balloons drift out into the desert, become tangled in plant material and can be dangerous to wildlife.  It’s best to deflate balloons, tie them in knots and dispose of them in trash receptacles so they don’t end up in the oceans or deserts or forests, posing serious problems.  Better yet, don’t buy them.

Death Valley, California

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  1. “Better yet, don’t buy them.” That is the best advice. I cringe when I remember all the balloons I used to buy around birthday time when my son was small. And all the other decorations that looked great for a few hours and we’re then thrown away.

    • Exactly. How about all of the confetti-type stuff scattered all over the tables making it look festive? Then you throw it all away and you’ve just added little metallic stars and hearts and whatnot into landfills. I’m much, much more discriminating now about what I purchase based upon how it will be discarded.

      While cleaning and purging my house, I take time to properly sort items, like e-waste, etc. and make sure U take it to the proper collection sites.

      I will never buy another ballon again. When you see them tangled up in bushes out in the wilderness, it makes you realize what fools we all have been.

      • I’m the same; and I am quite proud of how little waste my household generates. But each week on rubbish collection day I see all my neighbours’ bins overflowing and I wonder if the message will get through to enough people in time.

      • I don’t know. It bothers me. However, I can only be in control of myself and my own actions. I know that I must do the right thing at all times. So I make sure I am as ecologically-minded as possible when buying and disposing/recycling. And picking up trash like cast off balloons in the desert. If somehow another person is influenced by my actions, that’s even better! But I feel good knowing that I’m doing the best that I can.

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