Lines 11

The lines left in the pavement of Highway 190 from replica Borax wagons in Death Valley last November.

If you’ve ever been to Death Valley, you’ll probably know that a huge part of the Death Valley story has to do with mining Borax.  One of the original sets of the giant wagons that were used to haul Borax out of Death Valley by the 20 Mule Team in the 1880’s lives at Harmony Borax Works.  After decades of planning, an exact replica set of Borax wagons were built by the Death Valley Conservancy.  In November of 2019, that replica set of wagons got to make the trip to Death Valley to meet their ancestors.  These marks in the pavement were from the giant wheels of the replicas as the wagons made their way down the highway to Harmony Borax Works.  I think they’re sort of funny, but also sort of beautiful and most definitely they make me very proud to have been able to witness them being made.

If you’re ever in Bishop, California, please visit the replica Borax wagons where they reside at the Laws Museum.

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