Dust Cover

Preparing to hitch the Twenty Mule Team in the pre-dawn hours before the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 2, 2017 Pasadena, California

Garlands For Mules

J. Keith White, the Master Floral Designer for the vehicles in the Tournament of Roses Parade, instructs his assistants on making the garlands that the Twenty Mule Team will be wearing for the Rose Parade on January 2, 2017 Pasadena, California

The Man Who Owns His Own Ghost Town

There is a place in the Nevada desert, far from the blazing lights of Las Vegas and the sprawling, traffic-clogged freeways and drama of Los Angeles that is peaceful.  Silent.  A place that time has forgotten, and where the remnants of history are scattered on the ground like an outdoor museum. It’s a ghost town …