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  1. Yes, I have this view seared in my mind. Hoping the cars tires are not going to melt as we drive and drive. Perfectly captured.

  2. Have you ever written about the logistics of your adventures? In your blog you are just there, in these magical places, but how you get there beyond ‘driving’ would be interesting. Mishaps, planning, research. Probably just my planning bent. It all seems so magical in that playground you explore. Always interesting!

    • I kind of don’t really plan. I mean, I do, but just barely. Other than knowing where I’m sleeping, making sure I have lots of water and charged batteries…I just go. I like “finding” things and allowing stuff to just appear. It’s better that way.

      Lately, however, I do have specific plans on where I’m going because I’m working on a project that I’m planning on turning into a book. So I’m using a lot of maps, aerial views, historical information and am venturing into remote territory. It’s scary, frustrating, hilarious and thrilling. For me, that is. It’s not for everyone, but…if all goes well I’m going to put together something really unusual and just plain cool. But it’s going to take some time and I can’t work when it’s 115 degrees. So, to answer your question, yes, I do plan, but only when I really have to πŸ˜‰

      • I recall you writing you had had a revelation or vision of a new direction. I am very excited for you and most appreciative you have the ability to pursue this project. Stay safe (planner in me) and share as you can.


      • Yep. I had a vision that hit me like a bolt of lightning. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can pull this off. There have been and will continue to be “clues” posted occasionally as we go along, as well as gaps in my presence. It’s a lot of work. But a lot of fun, too..

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