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  1. When I look at your photograph of those initials/names carved there it’s tempting to wonder what became of the people who wrote them. Do these people still live round there or have they begun new lives in Europe or Australia? It’s touching and fascinating that a snapshot in time has been captured. For one person, at least, they felt something strong enough to want to make a mark on history.


    • These were carved on the walls of what was once the jailhouse in a ghost town called Rhyolite in Nevada. I highly doubt that these names, initials, etc., are from prisoners from the early 1900’s when Rhyolite was a functioning mining town. More likely they are graffiti, vandalism by tourists. I see it all the time. I even see freshly-carved initials and names. It’s infuriating. I suppose some people feel entitled to deface historical buildings in order to gain a sense of self-importance.


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