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      • Of course, you would need to spend at least a day or two in Las Vegas itself. With your street photography skills, you would eat up Las Vegas with a knife and fork 😉

      • Lol. The last time I was in California was in 1993. Took in all the sites from San Fran, LA (was staying in Pasadena) and the crazy Las Vegas. I’m am sure it has changed hugely since my last visit. I think my head would explode by the share amount of photo opportunities :O)

      • Pasadena! That’s the area I grew up in. Las Vegas has changed drastically since ’93. I lived in Vegas from 2001 – 2004 and watched it explode. Unfortunately, most of the old-school Vegas is gone and has been replaced by mega casinos. It’s great stuff, however, with the tourists and dark characters it attracts. I can only take the Strip in very small doses. There is a sinister energy underlying the whole thing that I can take for only a short time. But great stuff nonetheless.

      • I’ve watched Casino so I get the sinister energy thing….We were planning to go to California this summer but have a good friend in Toronto who has invited us over. Maybe 2017 to do the west coast thing again. The UK has lots to offer as well apart from the weather :O)

      • Go to San Francisco again and shoot Chinatown. All of the shops with multiple, cheap, plastic souvenirs and the people walking by. Visit Venice Beach in L.A. (but know that the locals get really ticked off if they know you are photographing them and don’t offer them money). Go to Hollywood and shoot people walking over the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Shoot blind and mirrorless.

        I have only been to London once, in 1990. January. Cold, freezing. Long, long before I was serious with a camera. I will go back one day. Soon 😉

      • Having been to Marrakesh I am prepared for locals wanting to get paid for their photograph. Agree shoot from the hip and save $$s. I use a Fuji X100s as it is the best camera to use for street photography. I can’t remember the last time I picked up my DSLR. I’ve always liked San Fran more than LA for some reason. One of my best memories of LA was of this guy trying to make a dollar in a gas station by filling up my car. When he heard me speak he said “hey by the sound of your accent you are from England” I said “yeah London” “that’s near Paris right?” he responded. I smiled and needless to say I didn’t ask him if he had a passport :O).

      • HA! “That’s near Paris, right?” Priceless.

        San Francisco is infinitely more interesting visually than Los Angeles. I really don’t shoot much where I live, oddly. It does nothing for me, except if I’m in seedy areas. New York City is my thing. NYC is like popcorn. Walking the streets in the middle of the night with my little Leica.

        When you come to the West Coast, try to visit Death Valley. Yes, it’s out of the way. Five or six hours from L.A. (depending upon how many times you stop) but well worth it. Summer is HOT. But I think you would have great fun with the tourists at Furnace Creek. There are a ton in summer, mostly from Europe. Hot, sweaty and infinitely entertaining. Then drive to Las Vegas, spend a day or two and fly home from there. Consider me your personal travel advisor 😉

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