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  1. Love the Rolled Hay. I have to move those bales off the field, that’s what we feed the horses, donkey, and goats. Are you still in Kansas?!? We had a beautiful storm roll thru yesterday and it’s much cooler today. Safe travels!

    • How on earth do you move those things? I have so many questions about farming while I drive through farmland. In particular, I note differences between farming in California vs the Midwest. We don’t roll hay. It’s in small, rectangular bales. The way crops are irrigated fascinates me. I’m really a frustrated, latent farmer!

  2. The large round bales are moved by using a hay spear attached to the front of the tractor and another spear on the back, which allows you to move 2 bales at a time. Most of our irrigation is by center pivots.

    • Interesting! Now, the pivots from what I’ve observed are attached to a main water pipe and rotate back and forth through the field from that center pipe, am I right? And they have the rain bird at the end to water the portion of the crop that is out of reach of the sprinklers attached to the system. I have spent weeks looking at this. I’ve always wondered about the circular and half-circular crops you see from the air. It fascinates me! I love farms and farming.

  3. Great photo! Location in Kansas? It is a different beauty from what I experienced in New England. My husband’s family is from Kansas and so I was introduced to these vistas. Monet would love your hay bales.

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