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  1. Cool shot! Oh, you shoot with Leica as well? I have long wanted one… But, when I am rich and ugly, I shall buy a medium format!

    I tried to reply to one of your replies, but WP blocked me.
    Yes, I will send and put up pictures of the hills when I get back there.

    The desert? I went to the Gobi Desert, and all those pictures are lost. I also went to the Thar Desert of India, and those pictures are so bad that it is embarrasing!

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    • I mainly shoot with Nikon full frame. But I have a Leica as well. I don’t know why you were blocked from commenting. That’s odd. However, I have been having some issues as well with posting, etc.

      I just wonder how bad your images of the Thar Desert really are. See, I have a different perspective on images. I never delete. Unless it’s a total disaster, I never delete an image. I have hundreds of thousands of photographs all stored on external hard drives. Yep. I do. Know why? Because I refuse to do things the way most photographers do. I never see an image as a failure. You can always go back to a photograph later and see the value in it. I take the stance of an artist, not a photographer. I would encourage you to look at those photographs again with a fresh eye 🙂

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      • Well, maybe WP did not like me. I tried to reply from my IPad, as well as desktop.

        I too use a Nikon full frame. However, for some shoots, especially street work, I still use my D200. My old D200. It is lighter. And, when I am shooting film, I use the Nikon F75. The thing that holds me back from buying a new film camera is that Nikon sells them in India, but does not service them. Strange people.

        Oh, I still have the photos of the Thar Desert. Like you, I never ever delete my photos, and I have loads of photos on external hard drives.

        Now, I keep a back up. I did not do so earlier, and lost 2 years of work – the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, unknown sections of the Great Wall, Zhang Jia Jie, Jiu Zhai Gou, the streets of Paris, Beijing and Shanghai….

        All gone forever…

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      • You will simply have to return to those places and take more 🙂

        I did not take many photographs on this road trip. Not really. In fact, I have shot very little in the past year. I’ve become very selective and am working in other directions. I am a different person now than when I started shooting seven years ago, so I see things in a more pared down way.

        Nikon is difficult even here to service. Everything has to be sent back East.

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      • Oh serious? Back East? Well, I am blessed then! I have a Nikon Service Centre about 6 kilometres from where I live

        What directions are you working on, if I may ask?

        I am, kind of, stuck between projects. Landscapes I don’t do as often as I would like. I am planning to start ‘Delhi – Dusk to Dawn’, and to join a bunch of early morning walkers, to photograph the dwindling woods near my home.

        Maybe, I will start this in September

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