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  1. Nice name,,… Where is Idaho? I am clueless about American geography, and I am too lazy to go to a map..

    But, I do know where Boston, New York, California and Chicago are!

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    • Idaho is in the west and north of the US, bordering Canada to the north, Washington and Oregon on the west, Montana and Wyoming to the east and Utah to the south. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The Sawtooth Mountains are incredible. I could easily live in the Ketchum area, but it’s too cold in winter!

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      • I live outside of Los Angeles, so it’s warm here and dry. Idaho is northeast of where I live and it’s a long way. Idaho is north and Ketchum is in the mountains, it snows there and has a long winter. It’s a ski resort.

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      • Ah. I grew up in the hills of India. Dont know if i mentioned it. School was 6500 feet above mean sea level, so it was definitely not a mountain.

        Now, i leave in the Delhi National Capital Region. Summers are hot and dry. This season is humid. I hate the humidity.

        Summer, by the way, is April-June for us

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      • Did i mention summer temperatures here?

        I am terrible with heat.. I am better with colder weather

        You seem to have stopped photographing the desert


      • I have temporarily ceased with the desert due to circumstances and other interests. I am incredibly busy and pulled in a lot of different directions so my posts and work are sporadic. I am traveling again so will be missing for awhile. I will be back in the desert most likely in November. There are other places I have to travel to in the meantime. But I do miss the desert..

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      • Interesting. I too have been pulled in many different directions, not all of them productive. Now, I am trying to pull some of these strings together.

        Plus, I am in the midst of deciding what private project I should do next. I should be back traveling a bit, on and off, from September.

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