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  1. This is wonderful! I sure love the Mammoth area. Wondering if you have ever ventured up to Rock Creek Wilderness area? Oh the photographic opportunities, not desert like I know is your first love but truly a desolate beauty that I am sure you would appreciate.

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    • Yes! My friend owns Rock Creek Lodge. I love the Eastern Sierra and would very much like to live there. Mammoth is right over the hill from Death Valley, and Bodie is an hour away. It’s my area. My love… There is a weird, austere quality to the Eastern Sierra that appeals to me. We go often.


      • Oh how awesome. Yes, I enjoy it there too. My husband is even more fond of the area. He studies volcanoes and knows a lot about all the beautiful hidden places and geologic history. It was a place when we lived in Southern CA that I enjoyed visiting as often as we could. Glad you know of Rock Creek, I appreciate the ease of getting into the back country there. Such a wild place.

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