6 thoughts on “The Fishing Bridge

  1. It looks like comments close quickly on your site and I’m not quick. 😉 I wanted to say the “Soft Light” pose earlier is the essence of California and is beautifully done. I like the blurred, dewy grasses, too, and the power in this image is striking.

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    • Thank you! I should change how long comments are open. I think it’s a month, but I’m not sure. That is my view from the top of my property. I love evening when the sun is about to go behind the hills and it becomes diffused. It’s a view of what California used to look like, in a protected area, with old oaks and allowed to be natural, and the threat of development held at arm’s length. Calabasas, unfortunately, has allowed itself to become gobbled up by developers and celebrities who all want giant mansions. I prefer looking at what it is supposed to look like. Natural…

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